Our Founder & Director

Our Founder & Director

I decided to start Hunter Broking Group in 2018 having served more than a decade in the industry with small and mid-sized brokerages across Brisbane. My main motivation wasn’t that I thought the industry was underperforming, but more so I felt there was a more human-being way to do “insurance”.

The one industry condition that insurance brokers endure that others don’t is that our value is only truly tested when something goes wrong. Perhaps that notion is lost on some brokers who perform their duties simply for the salary, but in my mind, there are easier ways to make money if that is your only motivation. Good business, good relationships, joy, and fulfillment can really only be experienced when we do good, and when we are around good, and that’s what motivates us – the opportunity to build a brand and business that provides as much goodwill as it does good coverage and advice.

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Surround yourself with professionals who make your life easier, when you call through to us – this is our objective.

Postal: PO Box 2387, Graceville QLD 4075
Address: 2/306 Oxley Road, Graceville QLD 4075
Phone: (07) 3279 6592

Email: admin@hunterbroking.com.au, claims@hunterbroking.com.au

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