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Accident & Illness Insurance Queensland

We receive multiple inquiries about Accident & Illness insurance so to meet this need, we have dedicated staff members who can assist with these enquiries.
The truth is, accidents do happen. We can reduce our risks by keeping fit and healthy, however sometimes mother nature kicks in and the unthinkable occurs. It is important in these times, particularly if we have financial commitments, that we can meet these demands if we are not working.
Accident & Illness policies provide peace of mind for both individuals and families. It makes sense to get the appropriate covers in place so that you are not as financially impacted if you are unable to work.

What does Accident & Illness Insurance cover?


Accident & Sickness Cover - Individuals

- Cover for up to two years (up to 85% of your income)
- Business Expenses and Lump Sum Benefits option

Group Accident & Sickness Cover

- Trade Unions
- Professional Associations
- Corporations
- Cover extends to onsite, offsite, travelling between work and home

Group Enterprise Bargain Agreements Cover

- Employees who have negotiated an Enterprise Bargain Agreement

Voluntary Workers Cover

- Accident cover for Volunteers
- Professional Association Volunteers
- School Volunteers
- Sporting Club Volunteers
- RSLs or Community Organisations

Journey Cover

- Accident cover for travelling to and from work (covers gap in Workers Compensation)
- Accidental Death
- Disablement
- Loss of Income
- Medical Expenses (not covered by Medicare)

Corporate Travel

- Travel Insurance for Businesses
- Intrastate, Interstate, Overseas


Accident & Illness Insurance Brokers 

If you would like an Accident / Illness Insurance quote or an alternative solution to your current policy, please feel free to contact our office so we can assist.

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