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Prestige Home & Contents Insurance Queensland

Home insurance (also called property or home building insurance) is essential if you own or are buying a home.  This insurance can cover you for damage to your house or apartment, as well as legal liability. Your lender usually requires you to have home insurance if you have a home loan.

Who needs Prestige Home & Contents Insurance?

Any home owner or renter whether the risk be owner occupied, a rental or holiday/weekender.

What does Prestige Home & Contents Insurance cover?


Accidental loss or destruction to your home or contents from the below events:

- Accidental Damage
- Fire
- Impact
- Flood
- Theft
- Earthquake
- Storm
- Electrical Motor Burnout
- Escape of Liquid
Plus more.


Prestige Home & Contents Insurance Advice

Insurance companies may reduce your premium if certain safety and security measures are in place, such as deadbolt locks, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and security systems. In some cases, these items may be required under the policy.
Always look to set your building and contents excess at an amount that is still financially viable, yet as high as possible. This risk mitigation method will ensure your premium remains competitive and your claims history and loss frequency is controlled.

Prestige Home & Contents Insurance Brokers

Our Brisbane Insurance Brokers can help you get the right insurance cover by assessing your specific needs and recommending the best value insurance solution for your home / contents, whilst still maintaining the highest standard of cover.


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