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At Hunter Broking Group, our qualified advisors act for the client, and not the advisor. We have access to 100’s of insurance companies and underwriting agencies.
We provide technical advice and recommendations on what insurance solution will most appropriately meet your individual needs. Our experience allows us to tailor policies to suit individual risks and requirements. Hunter Broking Group services and manages a diverse range of industry sectors. Our generalist approach allows our advisors to remain educated and skilled across various product types and legislative industry requirements.

Our servicesBrisbane Business Insurance - How We Can Help You

We have comprehensive business insurance products provided by our reputable providers to ensure that you are getting the type of insurance you need.

Commercial Property Insurance

  • We have access to extensive business property insurance products at Hunter Broking that are more comprehensive and provide peace of mind.


Cyber Liability Insurance

  • At Hunter Broking, we offer access to cyber risk insurance products that cover important dangers that organisations and their data face.


Heavy Motor Insurance

  • We simplify the process of getting the correct insurance coverage for the transportation and logistics business.


Heavy Plant & Machinery Insurance

  • We recognise that the earthmoving industry is significantly reliant on insurance protection, so our products ensure that your specific needs are met.


Management Liability Insurance

  • Management liability insurance protects your company against the risks of running the company.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Any business or individual that provides a professional service, should consider a professional indemnity insurance policy.


Public Liability Insurance

  • Business owners may be liable for damage or injury to another person/property. Our policies can help protect you if the unfortunate happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is business insurance?

    Business Insurance can protect your business’s facilities and goods from loss, damage, or theft, as well as provide cash protection in the event of an insured business interruption.

  • What do business insurance brokers do?

    Insurance brokers offer comprehensive business insurance and risk management solutions. Insurance brokers evaluate insurance risks, gather relevant data, source and tailor insurance products, and advise and recommend the most appropriate insurance solution. They’ll also help with and manage any insurance claims that may arise during the year. For more info read our article here.

  • What's the difference between insurance agents and brokers?

    An Insurance Agent in Australia is primarily an Insurance Advisor who works on behalf of an insurance company. This could include working directly for an insurance company or for a brand that markets and sells insurance on behalf of one or more insurance firms. An Insurance Broker, on the other hand, is a Qualified Insurance Advisor who works on behalf of their client, the customer. An insurance broker’s job is to find the most appropriate insurance solution for their customer, taking into account their unique condition, needs, and requirements. We’ve written a full article about this topic and you can visit it here.

  • How do I know if it's something I can claim for my business?

    Even if you’re not sure if something is claimable, give us a call or send us an email. There are no foolish questions, and it never hurts to file a claim at the insurer’s discretion. We’ll handle your claim from start to finish, including waiting for insurers and assessors, negotiating with insurers, and escalating claims if necessary.

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