What is Premium Funding?

Premium funding enables businesses to pay their insurance premiums in easy to manage monthly instalments. Premium funding is an easy and flexible solution that allows businesses to better manage cash flow for uncertain times. Insurance premium funding can be implemented efficiently and often does not require financials information to be provided. Insurance premiums can also be added to the funding contract during the year where appropriate.

What are the benefits of premium funding?

Benefits of using insurance premium funding includes:

  • Flexible monthly instalments
  • Automatic renewal option
  • Flexible lenders with significant history in premium funding
  • Interest repayments may be tax deductible
  • Ability to pay multiple insurance policies with one monthly repayment
  • Multiple payment options including deduction from a bank account or credit card
  • Cash flow management and retention
  • Fixed interest rate and term
  • Easy, secure and online application process

Why Hunter Broking Group for assisting with your premium funding?

Hunter Broking Group have significant experience and knowledge of the insurance and premium funding markets.
Our clients come to us for premium funding because they know that we will provide the appropriate advice and solutions for their individual requirements.
Our service and expertise extends to:

  • Funding interest rate negotiation
  • Funding loan structuring
  • Understanding and assessment of the premium funding sector
  • Industry knowledge and experience
  • Respected by the premium lenders – strong relationships
  • Premium pool buying power
  • Supported by PSC Connect and the Steadfast Group
  • Yearly support and premium funding management

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