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What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management liability insurance is specifically intended to protect business owners and managers from lawsuits arising from claimed misconduct or mismanagement. It is appropriate for all types of businesses, including public and private organizations, sole traders, and partnerships.

Business owners and directors are exposed to risks across areas of people, finance, regulations and stakeholders. If a director or business owner is accused of misconduct, not only is the company at risk, but it may also financially ruin the individual through expenses, fines, and financial compensation payments.


Why does your business need Management Liability Insurance?

In most industries, businesses cannot afford to disregard the legal and regulatory risks associated with their operations. Business failures, regulatory investigations and actions, employment practices lawsuits, commercial disputes, and employee theft are all growing more common in today’s liability environment. As a result, Australian company directors and management are becoming increasingly exposed.

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With considerable experience in corporate risk reviews and strategic claims management, we consider ourselves technical product advisors for businesses of all sizes across Brisbane. We seek to develop our company on sound values and ethics while maintaining a high level of service, expertise, and consistency.

  • Strategy: We strive to achieve customer-focused outcomes by leveraging the strength of our relationships and partner networks.
  • Vision: We work consistently to combine passion with technical ability.
  • Research: We perform ongoing market research for comparative product analysis.
  • Compliance: We place a strong focus on due diligence and insurance requirements for your peace of mind.
  • Core: Honesty. Respect. Growth. These are the core values that define our culture and guide us in the way we do business.
  • Differences: We listen and care with intent. Our clients and their insurance requirements are important to us.

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Key Management Liability Insurance Information


Who should consider Management Liability Insurance?

Management liability insurance covers directors and officers for personal legal liability incurred when managing a business, but also the corporation as a whole for certain types of liability claims.
It’s an ideal insurance for both small and large companies.


What can Management Liability Insurance cover?

Management liability insurance is available as a single, easy-to-understand policy that includes the following coverage:

Some of the most frequent cyber security threats are listed below.

  • Directors and officers: provides directors and top managers with protection in the event that they are held personally liable for any actual or claimed mismanagement while executing tasks inside the company.
  • Company liability: protects both the business owner and the company from fines and/or economic penalties for accidental violations of certain legislation.
  • Employment malpractice: safeguards companies and organisations from real or alleged employee claims of unfair dismissal, bullying, harassment, and other employment-related issues.
  • Criminal acts: Protection for your company against direct financial damage caused by acts of fraud or deception done by employees or third parties.

Speak to us today about getting a quote for management liability coverage for your business. Your designated Hunter Broking adviser will assess your current situation and recommend the most appropriate coverage to best suit your business.

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At Hunter Broking Group, our qualified advisors act for the client and not the advisor. We have access to comprehensive management liability insurance products provided by our reputable providers to ensure that you are getting the type of insurance you need. Our wide access to insurance products allows us to tailor your insurance to meet your business’ specifications.

We’ll assess your specific needs and then recommend the best value insurance solution for your business. We also offer insurance solutions for businesses throughout many industries. Get a management insurance quote today to find out how you can safeguard your business from the exposures of running a business.