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Heavy Motor Insurance Queensland

 The complexity of the Transport and Logistics industry makes finding the right insurance coverage challenging. With such a wide variety of businesses and professionals involved, it is difficult to find the right mix of insurance products on your own.

The Transport and Logistics industry is all about deadlines and with it comes specific insurance challenges particularly in the areas of equipment replacement, environmental regulations and the safety of both people and product.

PSC Connect Authorised Representatives have extensive experience in the transport and logistics industry. Your local PSC Connect Authorised Representative will work with you to understand your business and ensure the specific risks your business face are apportioned to the appropriate cover and help you plan for and avoid potential losses and liabilities.

Who needs Heavy Motor Insurance?

If your business is involved in Transport and Logistics, PSC Connect Authorised Representatives have protected the business and assets of:

  • Road Transport operators
  • Rail Transport companies
  • Storage and Warehousing businesses
  • Port Authorities.

What does Heavy Motor Insurance  cover?


PSC Connect Authorised Representatives understand the breadth and complexity of this important industry and works hard to achieve a balance of risk management and insurance solutions. Through leading insurers, our Authorised Representatives can offer a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit most risks. Cover includes:

  • Property (Covers items for accidental loss or damage generally anywhere in Australia)
  • Business Interruption (cover for loss of profit/revenue/income/rent following an insured loss. Can include additional increased cost of working and claims preparation costs/professional fees)
  • Motor Vehicle (cover for all registered vehicles for which you are responsible, whether owned, leased, employees or hired)
  • Public Liability (covers you against the legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage resulting from an occurrence in connection with the insured’s business)
  • Carriers Liability (cover against shipment loss, damage, and delay or goods transported)
  • Professional Indemnity (cover for legal liability to compensate third parties for loss sustained by or arising out of the negligent acts, errors or omissions on the part of the insured in the conduct of their business)
  • Management Liability.

Heavy Motor Insurance Advice


The primary cause of accidents is driver error.

Proper management of drivers for this occupation may include:

  • An accurate job description of each position. The policy should set out what the company expects of the employee, the checks and maintenance the employee is responsible for and the employee’s responsibility in regard to the servicing of the vehicle. It should include the procedures in the event of an accident, what is to be done and to whom it is to be reported
  • Driver selection and training. The initial application should give details of the applicant’s 
  • employment record
  • general experience particularly with the class of vehicle being considered; and
  • driving record including any convictions and accidents.

This information needs to be checked and verified.

Organisations will develop their own standards and will plan an appropriate training program for all employees including experienced drivers. The program could cover:

  • an overview of the job, the company’s objectives and the driver’s role in those objectives
  • instruction in the care and maintenance of the vehicle
  • safe driving practices including the company’s rules and regulations as well as the road rules
  • accident and breakdown procedures; and
  • an explanation of the routes, schedules and the necessary paperwork.
  • advanced and defensive driving courses
  • A pre-employment medical check
  • Driving/aptitude tests. The range of driving tests will vary according to the organisation and the type of work but could include an 
  • intelligence and aptitude test
  • traffic and driving knowledge test
  • vision test
  • hearing test; and
  • reaction-time test
  • Supervision - it is the role of the supervisor to ensure that the company rules and procedures, as set down in the policy, are followed. A motor fleet’s radio communication enables the supervisor to deal promptly with any problems that might arise. Mechanical devices such as tachometers assist the supervisor by recording both the time and the speed of the vehicle. From this a check can be made on the drivers over one or a number of days
  • Road patrol - this involves supervisors in cars checking to see that a vehicle is following company and legal rules and laws. In the event of an accident the supervisor can assist the driver and obtain relevant details
  • Incentive programs to encourage good driving. It gives public recognition by the company of good driving habits and a tangible reward.


Heavy Motor Insurance Brokers


Our Brisbane Insurance Brokers can help you get the right insurance cover by assessing your specific needs and recommending the best value insurance solution for your business, whilst still maintaining the highest standard of cover.

Contact us today to get a Heavy Motor Insurance Quote.


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