Testimonial – Vibration Damage to Home

On the 23rd of July 2020, our property suffered significant vibration damage to various internal and external walls and floors. The damage was caused by third party contractors who were completing extensive excavation works behind our property.

After only moving into the house 6 months prior, we were concerned with how much damage was caused and how our insurance was going to respond to this event.

Josh and the team at Hunter Broking were outstanding with their guidance and claims management. Josh wasn’t happy with the first engineers report so requested the insurer appoint a second engineer for a more detailed assessment. After reviewing all damaged areas of the property, our insurance company offered a settlement that was excluding some particular areas of the home. The engineer’s assessment ruled some cracks may have been caused by other contributing factors.

Josh successfully negotiated on our behalf, referring the bathroom damage component to the internal dispute resolution team with supporting information. The bathroom damage decision was overturned, enhancing our cash settlement by close to $9,000.

David and I highly recommend Josh and the team at Hunter Broking Group, we are so glad to have been supported throughout the entirety of our claim.


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